R169 per month gives you up to R169 000 legal cover per matter.

Get everything that the Gold Membership offers:

  • Face-to-face consultations with a Legal Counsellor countrywide
  • Protection that covers you, your spouse or partner and all your children under the age of 18 years
  • Access to our highly qualified and affordable panel of attorneys who will represent you and cover up to R169 000 per matter for legal expenses, should your matter need representation in court or Alternative Dispute Resolution Forums such as the CCMA
  • Choices to use your own attorney. Members do have the option of selecting their own attorney, but may be responsible to pay towards the applicable attorney tariff rates
  • 24 hour legal assistance via our LegalLine, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year (such as help with bail applications), as well as online legal assistance during office hours
  • R16 000 cash for legal expenses for the accidental death of the main Member, which is paid to your nominated beneficiary. It can be used to pay legal expenses, like the settling of the estate or for seeking legal and financial advice
  • Insurance that pays your Legal Eagle premium for 6 months if you are retrenched – at no extra charge.

Exclusive to Platinum Membership

  • Representation by our highly qualified and experienced attorneys: 
    • At the Regional / High Court for unopposed or uncontested Divorces, subject to a 6-month waiting period
    • At the Maintenance Court for child maintenance matters, subject to a 3-month waiting period
    • For Settlement Negotiations (Alternative Dispute Resolution), subject to a 3-month waiting period
  • Up to 60% discount on initiation fee for debt counselling (3-month waiting period)
  • Up to 60% discount on property transfer fees (no waiting period)
  • One FREE property valuation per annum
  • Rescission of Administration Orders (3-month waiting period)
  • Legal cover for drafting and registration of your Ante-nuptial contract (3-month waiting period)
  • Legal cover for drafting of basic Wills and Testaments (3-month waiting period)

These services are provided exclusively by contracted Legal Eagle service providers

Our Legal Counsellors will assist you with:

  • Insurance problems (e.g. life policy or car insurance claims)
  • Consumer-related problems (e.g. guarantees and defective goods)
  • Home-owner problems (e.g. faulty alterations, home improvements, defective building works)
  • Job-related matters (e.g. unfair dismissals, unfair retrenchments)
  • Criminal charges against our Member or his/her family
  • Motor vehicle problems and accident claims
  • Personal injury claims

What is NOT covered by the Legal Eagle policy?

Our policies are kept affordable by not covering the following:

  • Matrimonial disputes (e.g. contested divorces)
  • Defamation cases
  • Business related matters
  • Admission of guilt fines
  • Cover for legal matters that occurred before your 3 months waiting period*
  • Collective actions
  • Traffic fines 
  • Political matters

3 Month Waiting Period

You have a 3-month waiting period from the date of your first premium payment before Legal Eagle can pay for legal expenses.  

Note: Legal matters that occur before this waiting period will not be covered.